A little about Keith

Keith is originally from the North West of Ireland but now lives in Maynooth in Co Kildare, some 19km west of Dublin. He is married to Sheena and has two kids Jessica (21) and Conor (18). Keith grew up amidst the troubles in Northern Ireland. He began his working life training to be a pilot but during that training felt called to ordained ministry. After various periods of study and work in England, Jamaica, the USA and Belfast, he became a minister in the Presbyterian Church in Ireland where he has served for the past 22 years. He enjoys walking and golfing and describes his two great passions in ministry as reconciliation and new church development. He is now the minister of Maynooth Community Church, a new Presbyterian Church in Maynooth, Co. Kildare and serves as Chairman of the Saint Patrick Foundation, a reconciliation ministry based around the life and legacy of St Patrick. Keith also serves on the Judicial Commission of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and regularly teaches on conflict around the country and in the Irish Bible Institute’s Masters programme.