Outline of LTC Seminar

The Leading Through Conflict (LTC) Seminar combines presentation, reflection and situational role play to introduce you to key concepts in understanding and dealing with conflict. In particular it seeks to equip you to understand and lead others through the process of conciliation.

Basic Sections:

1. LTC begins by looking at what conflict actually is and why getting this right is crucial if we are to bring leadership when it occurs.

2. It then examines how we and others interact when conflict arises and the factors that are always at play behind the scenes.

3. Thirdly, it looks at the conciliation process and the basic 5 step process used to guide people towards reconciliation.

4. And, finally, the seminar looks very practically at some the harsh realities we face in conflict situations and how we can best deal with these when they arise.

Conflict is a crucial part of all our lives and our hope is that your time with us at the Leading through Conflict seminar will leave you feeling both better informed and better equipped to bring leadership whenever it occurs.